What a beautiful necklace I found in my closet

  • October 14, 2021

A beautiful necklace, with a silver stud in the middle.

I was so happy to find it.

But there was a problem.

I couldn’t find a sterling silver ring, or even a sterling gold necklace.

My friend said that if I had a sterling sterling silver chain with a stud, I could make one out of that stud and it would be a perfect necklace for me.

So, I thought to myself, let’s do it.

I got to work and started with some of the more common sterling silver jewelry available, then added some jewelry with more precious metals, and finally, a little gold.

I ended up with a gorgeous sterling silver sterling gold ring with a gold stud.

The stud was really easy to remove.

But if I wanted to get even more fancy, I added a small gold ring, which was just as easy to work with as a sterling ring.

And yes, I did use a silver ring in the necklace.

I also made a small sterling silver piece with the stud.

The necklace is made of sterling silver and sterling gold, with gold in the center.

The sterling silver is a lovely, light and sparkly color, with silver accents.

This is the first sterling silver I have made.

I am super excited to share my jewelry with the world.

It is so very wearable and beautiful, but there are so many more options.

It can be made in any color, size, and shape.

In addition to the sterling silver, I have also made some sterling gold and sterling silver bracelets.

All of them are beautiful, with beautiful embellishments.

I’m excited to add a sterling steel bracelet to the collection, which I will be making in my shop.

What are you waiting for?

Order your beautiful sterling silver stud necklace today!

I have been a fan of the sterling sterling since I first saw it on Etsy.

It was an instant favorite, and it is a great way to add some sparkle and personality to your wedding or other event.

If you have any questions about making your own sterling silver or sterling silver bracelet, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for visiting!

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