When the world needs you, Dior is ready to deliver: ‘We don’t believe in words anymore’

  • December 9, 2021

Dior says it has launched a new line of jewelry designed to be more affordable and available to the poor.

The line, called Jade Buddha Necklace, will feature more expensive versions of traditional necklaces and other necklacing styles, which will include earrings, earrings with diamonds and more.

It will be available to those who qualify for the new $15,000 tax rebate program, which allows families to save money on their child’s education.

Dior said it has a new range of accessories designed to appeal to a wider range of people than its other products.

The new line, the company said, includes earrings and earrings featuring diamonds, ear rings with gold and ear rings that feature emeralds and pearls.

It also includes ear rings featuring diamonds and earring designs that are made with a different material that is made from real diamonds, it said.

Read more about the Dior jewelry line at the dior.com website.

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