How to get a collar necklace for the cat

  • September 22, 2021

How to wear a collar without a cat’s collar?

That’s the challenge for collar necklace designer and cat lover, Elinor Hirst.

She explains the process in her new book, Cats, Catnip and Collar.

Hirst says it’s not about the cat’s physical features, but about how they fit into the world.

Cats are usually dressed in collars, but sometimes they’re not.

“When cats are in a cat-friendly environment, they will wear collars for comfort,” she says.

But what about a collar that looks a bit like a dog collar, but fits the cat just fine?

“I’m a dog person,” she explains.

Hiding your cat’s paws is important.

“It’s one of the reasons I think people want to wear collared collars,” she continues.

“They want to feel secure.

The cat’s ears are also a major draw, and Hirst suggests using a small dog collar for that purpose. “

The cat’s not the only cat who wears collars.”

The cat’s ears are also a major draw, and Hirst suggests using a small dog collar for that purpose.

She suggests getting a smaller one for the same price as a larger one.

The final thing you should be considering is whether you should wear the collar with or without a kitty paw.

“I think the kitty-paw version is a bit more elegant,” she advises.

But if you’re worried about the size of your cat, you might want to consider a different size.

“You might find it more comfortable to have a smaller kitty kitty collar than a larger kitty cat collar,” she adds.

“For me, the smaller one is perfect.”

Source Al Jazeera Edition

How to Get Gold Plated Necklaces

  • July 6, 2021

Gold plated necklaces can be extremely decorative and often the most affordable way to add to a vintage collection.

You can get them as necklays, bracelets, earrings or necklacing, depending on your style.

Here are some tips on getting the best gold plated items for a vintage look.


Choose the right necklace length For the longest length, the necklace needs to be long enough to complete the whole necklace, including the earrings, bracelet, earring, necklace and the necklaying portion of the necklace.

When you’re shopping, look for a necklace that’s long enough for the full necklace.

For example, a necklace with a 3.5-inch-long neck is not going to work as well as a 4.5″ necklace.

If you have a shorter necklace, make sure to choose the shorter length to complete a complete look.

You’ll want to choose a necklace in a style that doesn’t wear out too quickly, so it’s worth it to try on several different styles before settling on the one that fits best.

If it looks too short, you can try on a larger, longer length.

A gold necklace that is too short will look cheap.

It will look too short to hold on to.

To find the right length for your necklace, consider how many times you wear it and whether it’s worn over time or is attached to a bracelet.

Try on different lengths to see which is best for your style, and also try on different types of jewelry for a better idea of how much it will cost.

The length will also be important if you want to wear different necklashes for different occasions or wear them separately.

If the length is too long, it will be a pain to get the right combination of beads, ear rings or bracelets to complete your necklace.

To try on various sizes of jewelry and accessories, look at a necklace store to see what’s available.

Some stores have online checkout to save you time, so if you’re on a phone, you could make an appointment online.

A vintage necklace can also be made in a variety of different ways, from necklacings that are attached to earrings to necklace designs that are on bracelets.

The jewelry that you choose for a new vintage look can have an important impact on the look of the entire necklace.

A necklace made from gold plating will look like it was crafted by hand and will also last a lifetime.


Select jewelry that can be attached to jewelry When it comes to jewelry, it can be a lot of fun to wear a variety.

For some, wearing a variety is something that will last for years, so choosing jewelry that is able to be attached will make it feel like a part of you.

If a bracelet is attached, you’ll want a long one that’s easy to get on and off.

If an earring is attached or a necklace is attached on a bracelet, the bracelet should also be easy to wear.

If wearing jewelry on a necklace, you want a bracelet that is easy to hold onto and will never wear out.

A small necklace is perfect for an informal day in and out, or for a formal party, and it will look good with any number of accessories.

When choosing a necklace to be worn with a bracelet or earring on a day, be sure to consider the size and style of the bracelet and earring.

Choose jewelry that’s longer than you’d like the bracelet to be and that will be comfortable.

You want to try a variety to see if the combination fits your style best.


Choose earrings that can easily be detached The earrings are often the last accessory in a vintage jewelry set.

If your earrings look like they could easily be attached, they should be.

Earrings that are meant to be detached can be great for people who don’t want to bother with earrings.

They’re often easier to put on and take off, and can be more practical for people without long earlobes.

Earring earrings should be made from sterling silver or brass and should be long and thin.

When deciding whether to buy earrings with a ring attached, make certain that the size of the earring and the length of the ring matches the length and width of the jewelry.

If earrings have a large opening, they can easily open up.

If they don’t, you may need to remove the ear ring before attaching it to the bracelet.

You also want earrings you can easily put on or take off and be worn by just one person.

A good rule of thumb is that if you have multiple people with the same size earring earring or if you buy earring with a single piece, you should not expect the ear piece to be taken off and put on the other person’s bracelet.

Earpiece earrings can be easy on the eyes, but make sure they can be worn comfortably with a variety

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