How to get the Bee Necklace from the Dormitory in Episode 4

  • August 30, 2021

The bee is the most important animal on earth.

It is also the one with the most negative consequences for humans.

In episode 4 of The Bachelor, Rachel Lindsay’s fiance, Spencer Crittenden, is forced to learn about bees and the importance of keeping them out of his backyard.

The bee has been around for millions of years and is used to pollinating flowers.

In fact, the word “bee” means “pollinator” in Latin.

Rachel is a passionate beekeeper and uses a variety of different bee products to keep the flowers from bursting, like honey, nectar, and pollen.

She is constantly learning about bee life.

She has even made a bee hive from recycled material.

She even has a small bee-proof vase she has built to hang from the ceiling.

Rachel also has a secret.

She knows how to keep bees out of her yard, and she knows how much of an environmental disaster the beekeeper has become. 

“I’ve never been more concerned about keeping bees in my yard,” Rachel says. 

She says it is time for a change. 

But Rachel has other ideas.

“If I’m going to make this change, I need to make sure that I’m doing it in a way that will have positive impacts for the environment,” she says.

“The bee is a living creature,” she continues.

“The honeybee is an amazing example of an intelligent animal that thrives in a very unnatural environment. 

If you want to make a difference for bees, you need to take the bee out of your backyard and put it in something else.”

In the first episode of season 5, Rachel tries to convince Spencer to remove all of his bees from the backyard.

But Spencer is not going to budge. 

The two begin dating.

Rachel eventually learns that she can put bees in her own backyard to control the colony, and that this is the first step in her plan to get rid of the colony. 

This bee hive is so large, she says, it would make a perfect home for a colony of bees.

She also uses the hive as a living room, which is actually a small box in the backyard where she can set up her new home.

She can even make a nest from cardboard boxes that she’s found around her backyard. 

Rachel’s plan for the bee hive involves placing bees in an artificial box to keep them out, and using cardboard boxes to build a home in.

The cardboard boxes can be used to build more boxes, so Rachel can store more bees. 

There are about 500 boxes in her yard. 

When she has a lot of boxes in the yard, Rachel will sometimes buy them off Craigslist.

She then collects them all in a cardboard box.

The box then is left outside in the sun for the bees to find.

She calls the box the “living room box.”

She also collects all the boxes in other boxes to keep her bees in one place. 

Each box contains about 40 boxes, and when she is out in the field, she has about 1,000 bees on the way. 

To make the living room box, Rachel uses cardboard boxes as dividers and cardboard boxes for her furniture.

The boxes are lined with newspaper and have a wooden frame, and the paper is soaked in bee honey. 

These boxes are all made of recycled paper, which Rachel is saving because she thinks bees need to be free of plastic, too.

She puts cardboard boxes in plastic containers and then she keeps them outside. 

In a video she released in December, Rachel explained the reason she has the boxes outside.

The bees are using them for food and nesting material.

It’s not the bee’s fault, but they need a place to live. 

As she tells the story, Rachel also tells a story about the honeybees’ journey in the hive.

She uses her own honeybees to build the living-room box and then uses a cardboard tube to fill the box with honey.

She tells the bees how they can stay out of the box for the honey.

The honeybees then fly away and the box is full of food and honey.

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