‘Crown Jewel’ necklace, letter necklace and boys cross necklace is a hit with boys

  • September 11, 2021

The jewelry and letter necklace are a hit among the boys who play with her.

“My favorite thing is her jewelry and I love it because she’s so cute and so smart,” said 18-year-old Cody.

“It’s very cool.

I love her jewelry.”

Cody and his friend, 18-years-old Dylan, play with “The Crown Jewel” necklace, which is $20,000 and is one of two items of jewelry from the jewelry collection.

The other is a $1,000 necklace.

They said they loved the necklace because it has two letters in the shape of a diamond and a boy cross on the inside.

“That’s my favorite thing,” Dylan said.

“Because you know what?

It’s my own name.

I’m proud of that.

I have it tattooed on my right forearm.

That’s my nickname.

I got the tattooed in the backyard.

I was so happy that I got that tattooed.”

Curtis, who said he is an artist and wants to become a jeweler, said he bought the necklace at a thrift store and it had a lot of sentimental value.

He said it is a good choice for kids who love the jewelry because it’s an expression of love.

“I want to wear it around and have a big party and be proud of it,” he said.

Cody said he loves the necklace and it is one he plans to wear when he gets older.

“The necklace is really good because it represents a lot to me,” he added.

“I love jewelry.”

Read more about the crown jewel necklace and letter necklaces here.


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